by Bròn

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Artwork by Diana Tuchs (tuchs.ru).


released September 20, 2016



all rights reserved


Bròn Edinburgh, UK

Atmospheric black metal created by Krigeist (Barshasketh, Belliciste)

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Track Name: Ànrach
Here, where the story of my blood is inscribed on every rock
I dragged my spirit,
like raw nerve-endings
Over unwelcoming terrain
To bury my heart in the breasts
Of barren mountains.
Through gelid glens
Beneath stars gifted light by my memory
And over rocks hewn from my bone
To drink deep from streams
That flow with my blood
Into the sea that bore me here
And again bears me away
Bears me away from rain-lashed cliffs
And mist-veiled shores
Into the northern sea, that lies in inseparable union
With vaporous night
The wind howls with my own voice
But holds no word of welcome
Into the waves
Beneath the fog
Surrendered to dark waters
Dragged down to stygian depths
With snow-dusted glens
Illumed by a cold moon
Searing within
Into the waves
Beneath the fog
Surrendered to dark waters
Dragged down to stygian depths
Beneath the waves
Into the fog
Away from fir-cloaked slopes
That conceived my essence
I shall forever wander
The weather-beaten one
I shall forever wander
Track Name: Lutalica
From iron shores
Drifting east
To the ruin-lined shores of the Danube
Past ageless cities
Of faded glory
Through opaque walls of crystalline mist and bitter cold
To sun-drenched shores
Of oak and spruce
Shrouded marshes
Verdant plains
Drifting past
Lands of spoliation
On grey, forlorn currents
Thick with midwinter’s ice
Beneath shadows of great monuments
Robbed of past resplendence
To clear, warm nights
Where night birds chant
To keep the cruel dawn at bay
Step tentatively ashore
Wade through shrouded marshes
Into groves of oak and ash
That pulse with unseen spirits
And reverberate with hoof falls of the past
Beckoned forward by hanging boughs
The heart I left buried in northern mountains
Grows strong in my chest
And takes root in the black soil of these forests
But forever bears the scars
Of gelid glens and minacious crags
My blood, flowing from northern streams,
Reaches the sea and into this great river
Mingles in the marshes
And when my bones have been picked clean by carrion birds
My spirit shall ascend
To gift memory to dead stars
And I shall forever wander
A blood-red sun retreats
Setting the horizon alight
In its dying glare
I caress the scars of distant lands
And their memory fades
With the waning light
Ascending upwards
To ignite barren stars
Beacons to light my way
As I forever wander
Track Name: Tipiwhenua
A bloodless sun rises
To gloat over a land
Blanketed by long white cloud
Anemic shards penetrate
To touch virginal soil
Beneath mossy boughs
Nestled in flocculent fronds
Cloaked in limpid dew
This is where I fell
Entranced by the nightsky
And surrendered myself to madness
Black fertile earth
Unquenched by my blood
Falls through soiled fingers
To mingle with nocturnal moisture
The moon reflects from a tranquil sea
And my spirit is wrung with a bitter yearning
Nostalgia for a veiled past
Even in this Elysian sanctuary
I understand I was not meant for this place
So I gave myself to the stars
Immune to telluric woe
But even in unending starlight
I understand I am not meant for this place
I fall back to the earth
And lay prone in clandestine paradise
Night lays heavy
Adorned with inverted constellations
Soft rain settles on pallid skin
Fronds and leaves sway in the wind
A stream runs black through the night
The north wind beckons me home
The north wind beckons me to forever wander.